How It All Began

I grew up on a farm with horses, ponies, cattle and pigs. I have always been an animal lover, and would name every animal on the farm. My dad would say the cattle and pigs were not pets, but I always got along great with whatever animal showed up.

In 1994, I bought my first house in a nice residential area. I was 35 years old. I thought I was very content there...I had nice neighbors and was close to everything. I paid my house off in 2003 and was considering adding an addition to my house.

When I was surfing the web I came upon a picture of Boones Little Buckeroo. I have always been partial to buckskins, and he changed my life. Instead of adding on to my house, I started looking for a property with acreage and a barn to raise miniature horses. My mom reminded me of what I said when I was little, "When I grow up I am going to raise horses."

In October 2004 I bought an 11-acre farmette and sold my house. I bought my first four miniature horses on October 30, 2004. I am now back to having a mortgage and a loan, due to putting up a 24' x 64' pole barn. My dad, family and friends helped to build the stalls that we custom designed for the minis.

I work a full-time job, and have another full time job with 15 plus miniature horses. I could not do this without the support and help of my family and friends. A lot of people think I am crazy for going from debt-free easy living to this. I would not change anything!!!

My goal is to produce champion "look at me" attitude Arabian-type miniature horses in dilute colors.

All of my horses are registered AMHA and AMHR.

Judy Conrad
Mystic Miniatures
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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